Birth Of Krishna & Krishna’s Conquests


Birth of Krishna: A divine prophecy says that the eighth son born to Devaki will bring about the death of the evil king Kamsa and redeem the kingdom of Mathura. But Kamsa has imprisoned Devaki and sworn to kill every child born to her. Will the prophecy come true?
Krishna’s Conquests: Where there is Krishna, there is mirth, music and mischief and plenty of adventure too! Krishna shows that he is no ordinary child through his encounters with Kaliya the deadly serpent, Indra the rain-god and, eventually, the evil king Kamsa!

Age Group
:7 to 9 | Author: Shobha Viswanath | Narrator: Shobha Viswanath | Illustrator: Chetan Sharma, Anagha Deshpande | Music: 3 Brothers and a Violin | No. of Pages: Birth of Krishna: 24; Krishna’s Conquests: 24 | Run Time: Birth of Krishna: 20:27; Krishna’s conquests: 24:16 | Items Included: 2 books and a CD | Type: Audio book


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