Karadi Rhymes 3 (Digital Product)


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Auto-rickshaws raring to go, tailors and cobblers who work magic every day, wedding feasts that celebrate new beginnings – the third volume of the bestselling Karadi Rhymes series is a round-up of some of our most memorable Indian experiences. Get ready for the legendary Usha Uthup to lead you, once again, through songs set to music by 3 Brothers and a Violin.

Karadi Rhymes 3 is all set to become your new favourite audiobook.

Product Details
Lyricist: Karadi Tales
Singer: Usha Uthup
Type: Flip Audiobook
Music: 3 Brothers & A Violin
Karadi Rhymes 3 (Sneak Peek)
SKU: KR3 Categories: , , ISBN: 978-81-8190-126-2 .

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