Library Catalogue Package 2

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The Karadi Tales master list is a comprehensive library of books for children of all ages. This complete catalogue contains titles in every genre – mythology, humour, adaptations of folktales, animals and environment, slice-of-life stories in contemporary settings, and more. This category also includes books that introduce more complex subjects and plot arcs that are suited to children who have begun to read independently and are in need of new and exciting stories to fire up their imaginations. Stories about adoption, bullying, disability, environment protection and gender role reversal feature in this list.


The master list contains board books for toddlers, tactile books with braille letters for early readers and visually impaired children, picture books for ages 10 and below, and audiobooks with page-turn cues with varying reading levels. Also included in this master list is the Charkha series – a collection of audiobooks that features biographies of eminent people such as Mahatma Gandhi, JRD Tata, the Dalai Lama, Abdul Kalam, and R M Lala. The master list also includes two volumes of Listening to Poetry – audiobooks narrated by acclaimed theatre artists, featuring some of the most famous and beloved poems that every young person will enjoy.