Fish Friends Three / The Fox and the Squirrel – Friends in Need


Synopsis: Friendship is the greatest gift one could ever ask for. No matter who we are and where we’re from, we are bound by the bonds of friendship. Adapted by Sheila Gandhi and illustrated by Mani Menon and Srividya Natarajan, these folktales show us that friends in need are friends indeed!
Fish Friends Three: Timsi, Bucki and Moti are three fish who are great friends in spite of how different they are from each other. When trouble strikes in the form of a fisherman, they unite to escape his net. The Panchatantra tale shows us that true friends can always be counted on!

The Fox and the Squirrel: Gilheri the squirrel and Laalu the fox are best friends and they always help each other out. But Laalu is too boastful sometimes. So, Gilehri decides to teach him a sharp lesson. In this story, learn about trust and humility and the importance of friendship.

Age Group: 4 to 6  Ι Author: Sheila Gandhi Ι  Illustrator: Fish Friends Three – Mani Menon; The Fox and the Squirrel – Srividya Natarajan Ι No. of Pages: 44  Ι  Type: Picture Book


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