Foolish Crow / Talking Cave – Fooling the Foolish


Synopsis: Vanity and pride never pay! That’s what we learn in these two tales adapted by Sheila Gandhi from Indian folklore. Illustrated with friendly and bright colors by Srividya Natarajan and Greystroke these everygreen stories beg to be read again and again.

The Talking Cave: Can caves talk? Bhuro the foolish lion thinks they can, and Juno the clever jackal decides to make the most of it in this hilarious story.
The Foolish Crow: Kauaa the crow is very hungry … and has finally managed to get a roti to eat. Now, Lombdi the wily jackal wants that roti.
Do his clever plans works?

Age Group: 4 to 6  Ι Author: Sheila Gandhi Ι  Illustrator: Foolish Crow: Srividya Natarajan; The Talking Cave: Greystroke Ι No. of Pages: 44 Ι  Type: Picture Book

Category: ISBN: 9788181902542.

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