The Four Friends / The Crows & the Serpent – Great Escapes


The Four Friends:
In this delightful story about friendship and loyalty, four unusual friends – a tortoise, a mole, a deer and a crow – join forces to outwit a hunter.
The Crows and the Serpent:
Sapri the wicket serpent has once again eaten the little chicks of the crows – Kaalia and Karupi. How do they find a solution to the problem?

Age Group: 7  to 9  Ι Author: Shobha Viswanath Ι  Illustrator: The Four Friends – A.S. Krishnaswamy & Ramesh Babu; The Crows & the Serpent – Mandar Kanvinde Ι No. of Pages: 44 Ι   Type: Picture Book

Category: ISBN: 9788181902436.

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