The Lizard’s Tail / Little Vinayak – Trunks and Tails


Synopsis: Have you heard of these unusual tales of a trunk that’s too long and a tail that’s too short? Recounted beautifully by Shobha Viswanath, these two stories from the animal kingdom are rendered brilliantly with exceptional artwork by Christine Kastl and Shilpa Ranade.
The Lizard’s Tail: Scqealichtitz! And there went the little lizard’s tail! Poor little lizard… he now needs a new tail. Join him as he goes about looking for a new one, only to finally discover a lizard home-truth.
Little Vinayak: What happens to an elephant whose trunk is so long that he trips and falls whenever he walks? This is little Vinayak’s problem. No matter what he does, he cannot keep his long, long trunk out of the way – until one day, a very special friend offers an unusual solution.

Age Group: 4  to 6  Ι Author: Shobha Viswanath Ι  Illustrator: The Lizard’s Tail – Christine Kastl; Little Vinayak – Shilpa Ranade; Ι No. of Pages: 44  Ι  Type: Picture Book

Category: ISBN: 9788181902528.

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