The Moustache Man / Revenge of the Puppets – Magic and Mayhem


Synopsis: Wonderful things can happen when there’s magic involved! Merriment and mayhem are afoot in these two hilarious stories by Priya Ramanathan and Nadine D’Souza, illustrated in bright and dazzling colours by Garima Gupta and Ayush Rajvanshi.
The Moustache Man: Nekgaon is a perfect village. Yes, everything’s perfect – from the cock’s crow to the setting sun. But one wily man arrives and changes everything about Nekgaon with his strange demand.
Revenge of the Puppets: In the beautiful Rajasthani village of Posalia, four puppets come alive and lead exciting lives – until their masters decide to replace them with new puppets one day. Read this story to find out what happens to these clever, mischievous puppets when the new puppets arrive.


Age Group: 7  to 9  Ι Author: Moustache Man: Priya Ramanathan; Revenge of the Puppets: Nadine D’Souza Ι   Illustrator: Moustache Man: Garima Gupta; Revenge of the Puppets: Ayush Rajvanshi | No. of Pages: 44 Ι   Type: Picture Book

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Category: ISBN: 9788181902535.