Young Hanuman / Hanuman the Mighty – The Monkey God


Synopsis: Hanuman, the monkey with the broken chin, is celebrated in our mythology for his wisdom, courage and loyalty. These retellings of the monkey god’s exploits are adapted from mythology.

Young Hanuman: Would you like to play with a large, red, fiery ball? Young Hanuman wanted to do just that… except that the ball he went chasing after was the sun itself !

Hanuman the Mighty: Sita has been kidnapped and taken to the island of Lanka by the demon king Ravana. Only Hanuman can cross the mighty ocean and find Sita. What happens to Lanka when mighty Hanuman descends on it ?

Age Group: 4  to 6 Ι Author: Adapted by Shobha Viswanath Ι  Illustrator: Chetan Sharma & Anagha Deshpande Ι No. of Pages: 46  Ι  Type: Picture Book


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