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Goopi loves to sing, Bagha loves to drum. Despite their acute ineptness, their passion to sing and play knows no bounds. They meet in the jungle, to where they are banished from their respective villages when the cacophony they create becomes absolutely unbearable.
An immediate bond is forged between the two hapless souls, their destinies get entwined and Goopi & Bagha become indispensable to each other, just as the naada to the pyjama, the lota to the paani, the gulla to the ras!

GGBB – Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa, is an animated feature film inspired by Satyajit Ray’s classic Goopi Gyne Baagha Byne.  Directed by Shilpa Ranade, this film has been produced by CFSI in association with Karadi Tales.

GGBB has won the AASIFA Award for best animated feature film, Jury Award for best Art Work at ICFF, Hyderabad, nominated for best film APSA Brisbane, Orbit Live Industry award for best animated feature, and the WIFTS award, Los Angeles.


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The characters of Goopi and Bagha are written with such fluency that it’s hard to believe that they’re physically animated characters. Two outcasts find each other in a forest and thus begins an everlasting friendship. The music is absolutely fabulous. All the songs are melodious and the singers have done a terrific job of combining effortlessly with the instruments. The lyrics have profound meanings and play the most important part of creating the state of trance for the warriors of the two warring kingdoms.

New York Film Academy

Before I say anything about the movie, can I just applaud director Shilpa Ranade first, to have thought of remaking a Satyajit Ray classic that has been loved by generations. And such a mammoth task of re-doing it for the current generation – why would one do that? The only answer to that is immense love for the source. And that love shows in Ranade’s adaptation of Goopi and Bagha’s tale, titled Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya.

LIFF – London International Film Festival


The film has a very old school animation feel to it, with caricatured hand-drawn depictions of the characters. It communicates a universal message of peace and brotherhood that is very applicable in light of current political dynamics in the western part of the world. Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya is an animation film that is both for kids and adults. If you are familiar with Satyajit Ray’s original work, it is likely you will enjoy this adaptation even more.

3rd I South Asian Film Festival (San Fransico, CA)