INDIA READS - A Library Initiative of Indian Publishers of Children's Content

Books enable a child to explore, question and imagine — and a library is the first place where a child encounters a varied resource of knowledge in the form of books. Access to books at an early age, interaction with peers, activities and discussions based on books help the child discover her/his potential and to appreciate that of the others.

India Reads is a unique initiative by Karadi Path Education Company that brings together some of the best contemporary Indian children’s books in one catalogue. Published by Indian children’s publishers and written and illustrated by well-known Indian authors and illustrators, these books promise much value addition to the library through their international potential, multicultural appeal and world-class artwork.

The cultural and contextual content of these books helps reinforce the child’s identity.

Through the India Reads initiative, the school librarians can easily access these books and open up a whole new reading world for the children to explore.

The India Reads catalogue is available for download. Please click on the image on the right to view and download the same.

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