• Thank you for your interest in Karadi Tales. Below are the general guidelines for writers, illustrators, and
    musicians interested in working with Karadi Tales. Please take the time to review these guidelines thoroughly.
    Queries seeking clarifications that are already covered in the guidelines below will not be answered.
  • If you are considering submitting a manuscript, artwork, or musical compositions to Karadi Tales, it is a good
    idea to spend some time looking at the kind of books we publish. A quick read of three or four of the books will
    give you a good idea whether your work will be a good fit with our list.
  • For all submissions, please send a covering note with your contact details. There is no need to send in a query
    note before submitting samples of your work. If you are attaching artwork, samples etc., please ensure that all
    attachments are not more than 3 MB in size. Please note that attachments larger than 3 MB will not be opened
    or reviewed.
  • Due to the volume of enquires we receive, we regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt or provide
    individual feedback. We do, however, make every effort to carefully consider each submission we receive.
    Submissions are usually processed within 6 weeks. Please do not contact us any sooner about your submission.
  • All emails can be addressed to : contact@karaditales.com