Karadi Tales accepts unsolicited manuscripts from writers. We also commission stories from writers once we’re familiar with their style. We look for strong writing, an original approach and intelligence in concept and execution.

All submissions must be emailed as attachments on Microsoft Word with editable text.Please note that attachments larger than 3 MB will not be opened or reviewed.

Please carefully read through the below points before submitting the manuscript :

1. Please do not send more than one manuscript at a time. Although we accept simultaneous submissions, we would like you to let us know if you have sent your manuscripts to other publishers. If another publisher makes an offer while the manuscript is still under consideration with us, we ask that you inform us immediately.

2. We currently accept the following:

– Picture books : Age group: 2-9, Words: 500-750

– Chapter book : Age group: 7-10, Words: 5000-8000

3. Please do not send us manuscripts that are above the prescribed word-limits. For the moment, our editorial focus is on simple, quirky, funny, contemporary shorts that children can relate to. We want stories that will make us laugh out loud, stories that are as endearing to the adult as they are to the child, stories that set the imagination free. Our emphasis is always on readability and enjoyment.

4. We are reluctant to publish verse and tales with anthropomorphic characters (talking animals/objects).  We absolutely abhor moral stories and fables. We are no longer seeking adaptations or abridgements of existing stories or from folklore and mythology unless the retelling is truly exceptional.

5. If you are submitting a picture book manuscript, it is not necessary for you to supply illustrations. Like most publishers, we prefer to match the art to the text. If you do submit illustrations with a manuscript, we may express interest in one but not the other. If you feel the two cannot be considered separately, please tell us so in your cover letter. Likewise, you may want to tell us if text and art can be considered separately or if the art is meant only as a visual guide, as this will help us in reviewing your submission.

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Karadi Tales accepts submissions from artists and illustrators who wish to work with some of India’s best authors for young people.

We require artists to illustrate full-color picture books. Our publishing agenda varies in its scope, but we’re usually very partial to artists who work with their hands and not their computers.

We look for unique, imaginative artwork that will appeal to children and adults internationally.

Please download our rights catalogue as a reference point to see the kind of artwork and themes we focus on. If you are interested in illustrating for Karadi Tales, please send us your portfolio as a PDF file.

Please do not send in any original artwork as a hard copy as we may not be able to return it to you. Please note that attachments larger than 3 MB will not be opened or reviewed.

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