Touch and Feel Books

Baby Touch and Feel Books

If you are a new parent, uncle, or aunt, and want to offer your precious toddler the best tactile books for babies, look no further. Karadi Tales offers you the best touch and feel books for toddlers with high production quality and an attention to detail. Our collection of tactile children’s books will ensure we remain your one-stop shopping destination for early readers.

Our books are constructed in such a way that when your kids touch and feel books, they learn at a much faster rate than with non- tactile books for infants. Kids touch books for an additional element of exploration, and will not be disappointed with our collection.

Tactile books provide additional layers of learning and experience for the toddler, as the different textures they feel get them excited about going through all the pages and discovering new materials and patterns.

Karadi Tales has a collection of some of the best touch and feel books for infants and toddlers in the industry. New parents know that the best books for babies are those that aid the well-rounded growth of the child. Why are touch and feel books important for babies? Touch and feel books (or sensory books) are a good way to get children excited about reading books at a young age, and to help them learn how to focus, and follow along with simple words and concepts in a way that feels fun and explorative. Interacting with tactile books helps the children with recognizing objects and developing motor skills. Caregivers can also use touch and feel picture books to teach their child about words and their relation to objects, language development, and to form a bond with books.

Karadi Tales offers you an internationally acclaimed collection of touch books for pre-schoolers. You can also visit us at our store to buy touch and feel books in Chennai, at our headquarters. Our tactile books can also be ordered online anywhere in India and the world!