Board Books for Babies

Board Books for Toddlers

Education, learning, and the joy of reading begin sooner than you think. Karadi Tales has launched innovative and thoughtful board books for toddlers suited for kids in India and all over the world. With our first board book, we aim to contribute to a diverse range of board books for babies offering sturdy pages, important concepts, and vibrant illustrations.

Karadi Tales board books are made with the best quality the kids’ board book industry has to offer, and these products have already made their mark as some of the best board books for babies. If you are looking for board books for 1 year olds to 3 year olds, you have come to the right place.

There are multiple benefits of board books for infants. They help in teaching toddlers about communication, and are imperative in introducing them to basic concepts such as shapes, letters of the alphabet, colours and numbers in a way that will also make the experience entertaining. Board story books for babies get them accustomed to listening and understanding stories, paving the way to finding joy in reading in the future. Karadi Tales’ new book joins a league of unique board books for babies and toddlers that will help them comprehend the world better. Observing young children interacting with their surroundings will show you how sturdy board books for babies and toddlers really need to be. Karadi Tales maintains a high standard of board books sold in India and , so rest assured that your 2 year old can chew, spill things, or drop the book in water, and it will be unharmed. We create and print our board books in India, while maintaining an international standard and catering to a universal audience. Board books are great at developing listening, comprehension, understanding, and language skills.

Our board books are made such that they can be held easily by children and adults alike, with carefully curated illustrations that add to stories that are written by well-known writers. Our board book, One Rainy Day, has been consistently receiving positive reviews and recommendations from parents and critics. One Rainy Day is the latest innovative creation joining the Karadi Tales catalogue, so if you are looking to buy, you can buy the perfect gifts for toddlers or infants from the comfort of your own home.