Children’s Picture Books

Picture books for children by Karadi Tales have it all – books for kids on gender, stories about the environment, animal stories, Indian folktales, stories about kindness, and concept books on counting, colours and shapes.

Authored by gifted writers, and featuring stunning illustrations in a variety of styles including Indian folk art like Warli, Gond and Madhubani, these children’s picture books spin wonderful stories for kids, and are guaranteed to delight young readers.

Kids’ Picture Books

Get ready to enter the fascinating world of children’s picture books. Go on great adventures with a little boy through his imagination, find out how a small dot helped the world make sense again, and root for a talkative turtle who needs to make a rather long journey. For younger readers, our picture books for toddlers feature fun ways to learn about shapes and colours, through simple stories that introduce them to the habit of reading.

Our award winning children’s picture books have featured in several prestigious lists such as the New York Public Library’s Best Children’s Picture Books list, the White Ravens Catalogue, the IBBY list, and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program. They have been translated into several languages worldwide and have received critical acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly, Foreword Reviews, Indian Moms Connect, Kirkus Reviews and more.

Karadi Tales picture books for children have meaningful stories and intricate illustrations. The importance of picture books for children cannot be stressed enough: picture books help children improve comprehension and communication skills, foster independent reading, and build visual literacy. While a majority of our collection consists of picture books by Indian authors in English, they cater to a universal audience and focus on nurturing a love of reading in children.

Karadi Tales’ diverse collection of picture books for toddlers and young readers ensures that there are stories and characters that every child can connect to. We do this by collaborating with writers and illustrators from all parts of India and the world to create story books for toddlers and older children that will help them learn about other cultures while also identifying themselves in the pages of the books.

Our picture books for infants are made with the best quality of paper and binding. Our belief is that books, especially picture books for kids, should not sermonize or “talk at” young readers, but tell them an immersive story and involve them in a meaningful conversation while still maintaining an overall positive message. Some of Karadi Tales’ picture books are written in both verse and prose, which helps children develop a sense of rhyme and rhythm as well as an increased awareness of language and sentence structure. While choosing Karadi Tales, you also have the added advantage of buying children’s picture books online and having them delivered to your doorstep! You can browse our collection of picture books for kids online and pick the ones that appeal to you the most.

Books are a stepping stone to learning, and a bridge to the joy of literature and art. This is also why picture books are important for emergent reading habits. There is also an increasing awareness of the importance of illustration in children’s literature.

Karadi Tales implements all the above ideals and has a large collection of picture books with important messages, while not moralizing or making reading a chore – the focus is always the enjoyment of the written word, and creating lifelong reading habits.