The Story and the Song


What happens to stories that don’t get told? What happens to songs that don’t get sung? Are they forgotten or do they emerge some day? Parvathi knows a story and a song, but she keeps them to herself. The story and the song, however, are determined to escape! This tamil folktale adapted for children by Manasi Subramaniam is illustrated by Ayswarya Sankaranarayanan.
– The Story and the Song won the 2014 Comic Con India Award for the Best Illustrated Book for Children

Product Details

Age Group: 7 to 9 Years
Author: Manasi Subramaniam
Illustrator: Ayswarya Sankaranarayanan
No. of Pages: 32
Type: Picture Book
Format: Paperback
SKU: S&S Category: ISBN: 978-81-8190-273-3.

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