It’s been another interesting month for Karadi Tales!

Read on to find out what we’ve been up to and what we have in store.

We were at the New Delhi World Book Fair!

Karadi Tales made waves at the New Delhi World Book Fair, an event held from 10-18 February. The fair celebrated the vibrant tapestry of languages with the theme ‘Multilingual India – A Living Tradition’. Our stall, adorned with hues of diversity, proudly displayed our picture books, audiobooks, and chapter books. Publishers, authors, educators, and children from across the nation gathered, transforming the fair into a dynamic meeting point for the children’s literature community.

We engaged with fellow publishers, connected with esteemed authors, and conversed with talented illustrators. The event underscored our commitment to promoting language learning and cultural understanding among young readers.

We celebrated International Mother Language Day

This International Mother Language Day, on the 21st of February, we attempted to highlight how stories transcend cultural and lexical boundaries and create a space of their own in all our mother languages. Actor and storyteller Janaki Sabesh did a special reading of Karadi Tales’ ‘The Foolish Crow’ in 9 vernacular languages from India!
Watch the video and see if you can recognize this age-old folktale.

We made it into ACADEMIA!  

We are thrilled to announce that ‘Coming Home’, a book authored by Priti David and a part of our StORI (Stories of Rural India) series, has earned a noteworthy place in the academic arena. The article titled ‘Coming Home: An Immersive Reading Experience’, authored by educators Vidhya Nagaraj et al., was published in The English Classroom, a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal.

The article emphasizes the significance of bringing diverse narratives to urban readers and sheds light on the immersive reading experience provided to students by ‘Coming Home’. This recognition in an esteemed academic journal underscores the meaningful contribution our literature makes to the literary and educational landscape.

Read an excerpt from the journal article below:

[Coming Home] also exposed the harsh reality of young people dropping out of school to bail out families with farm loans. The book offered a huge scope to think critically, creatively, collaborate and engage in hands-on learning. The focus on environment was seamlessly woven in. And most importantly it brought in empathy and hope that if we all worked together the children’s dreams for a better future could be made possible.

Karukku Norukku killed it at the Kukdukoo Fest!

Sarita Rao, author of ‘Karukku Norukku‘, recently conducted a captivating storytelling session at the Kukdukoo Fest in Hyderabad on February 4th. The tale, which revolves around Guru’s murukku obsession and his amusing journey to sneakily enjoy it without detection, left everyone entranced and joyous.

Explore the delightful world of ‘Karukku Norukku’ by checking out the book.

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