Stories for Early Readers Collection


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Stories for Early Readers Collection – 4 to 6 Years (The Brave Parrot, Get Off that Camel!, Fly! Little fish, The Tiger Eaters, Bela Misses her Train, The Rumour, Monkeys on a Fast, Crickematics, What Will You Give Me?)

This collection covers a range of topics from fiction to fantasy to mathematics. Let your kid explore fun new worlds through gorgeous, colourful visuals and unique stories. Find out what happens when an ambitious little fish dreams of flying, a little girl refuses to get off her camel, a monkey chieftain asks his tribe to go on a fast and many more such wacky things! Create lifelong readers by starting your children on these beginners’ picture books!

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Stories for Early Readers Collection includes

1. The Brave Parrot 

In this graceful adaptation of a Jataka tale by Chinna Chilaka, a raging fire threatens to burn down a forest. All the animals and birds flee in fear, except for one brave little parrot. Is the courage of one small bird enough to save a forest? The simple and unpretentious illustrations are the result of a drawing workshop conducted at Isha Home School in Coimbatore with children aged between 6 and 8.

2. Get Off That Camel

From the time Meena was a baby, she’s been obsessed with camels. This fixation becomes stronger when she’s gifted a real camel for her birthday. Thrilled with her new pet, Meena simply refuses to get off that camel! This delightful story by veteran children’s author A.H. Benjamin is accompanied by Krishna Bala Shenoi’s vibrant, colorful illustrations, and promises to take readers on a ride they’ll never forget.

3. Fly, Little Fish

What Little Fish wants to do more than anything else in the world is fly. Not discouraged by those around her, she flaps her tiny fins and practises jumping. But can Little Fish ever expect to take flight?

4.The Tiger Eaters

Cheekra, Shankra, and their cubs have just had a long, tiring hunting trip. They decide to spend the night in a cave. But they soon find out the cave is home to a tiger. Cheekra and Shankra need to quickly think of a plan to keep their cubs safe. Can the two sharp foxes outwit the tiger?

5. Bela Misses Her Train

Bela gets lost again! This time, at the railway station. Has Nani boarded the train that she just missed? Will the kind ticket collector help reunite her with Nani? Take an exciting journey with Bela and her friends in Neha Singh’s endearing sequel to The Wednesday Bazaar, illustrated by Sonal Gupta.

6.The Rumour

In Baddbaddpur, it’s impossible to keep a secret. Everyone gossips about everything! Then one day, ill-tempered Pandurang wishes to keep a secret. But of course, the secret spreads from person to person… and the strangest thing happens: a feather becomes a forest! Join the villagers of Baddbaddpur in this charming village story by Anushka Ravishankar and see how the rumour spreads with illustrations by Kanyika Kini in inks and colour pencils that will make you laugh out loud.

7. Monkeys on a Fast

How do fat monkeys get thin? Chakrapani, the monkey chieftain, decides that the only way for his tribe of monkeys to lose weight is by going on a fast. But can hungry monkeys really stop eating for a day? Wacky illustrations by Shilpa Ranade in charcoal and acrylic add mischief to this hilarious story adapted by Kaushik Viswanath from a Buddhist tale.

8. Crickematics!

Anirudh is a cricket-crazy little boy… unfortunately, he’s not as good at mathematics as he is at cricket. Then one day, his coach finds a way to integrate cricket and mathematics for this boy.

9. What Will You Give Me?

Sameer is bored. Whatever Amma gives him, he exhausts its possibilities in minutes. Can Amma find something to keep Sameer occupied? Find out in Nandini Nayar’s warm-hearted tale illustrated with intricate detail and gorgeous textures by Francesco Manetti. It’s just the book to cuddle up with on a rainy day.