Papa’s Marathon

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Gia’s Papa has signed up for the marathon. As he buys clothes and fancy gadgets to match his new hobby, Gia’s grandmother becomes his biggest cheerleader. She even has a camcorder ready for race day. Does Papa lose steam as the marathon approaches, or does he manage to cross the finish line after all?
Written by Nalini Sorensen and paired with Prashant Soni’s cheerful illustrations, this lighthearted story is about fitness goals that go awry, and the unflagging faith of family.
– Winner, Jarul Book Award, 2019.

Product Details

Age Group: 7 to 9 Years
Author: Nalini Sorensen
Illustrator: Prashant Soni
No. of Pages: 36
Type: Picture Book
Format: Perfect Binding
Category: Tag: ISBN: 978-81-9338-894-5.

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