The Monkey King


Synopsis: After tasting a delicious mango, the king of Benares arrives at the monkey kingdom in search of the fruit. Can Kapi, the monkey king, find a way to protect his subjects? This timeless Jataka tale, a page from the life of the Bodhisattva, is adapted by Shobha Viswanath and illustrated in vivid hues of traditional Indian folk art by Uma Krishnaswamy.

Age Group: 7 to 9 Years  Ι Author: Shobha Viswanath Ι  Illustrator: Uma Krishnaswamy Ι No. of Pages: 28  Ι Type: Picture Book | Format: Hardbound

The Monkey King won the NAPPA award 2000 by the National Association of Parenting Publishers

SKU: MK Category: ISBN: 978-81-8190-033-3.

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