Conservation Combo


Conservation Combo


The Conservation Combo is an early step into the world of ecological preservation. It introduces young readers to the vital ideas of wildlife conservation, environmental degradation and animal cruelty. Each of the ten books showcases a distinct artistic style, portraying a range of settings that require varying conservation efforts. From a bear that would much rather not dance (Dancing Bear), a tiger with mysterious missing stripes (Dorje’s Stripes) to a lost mudskipper slithering through the Sundarbans to find her way back home (Paro of the Sundarbans), the conservation combo carries a range of narratives that emphasize the importance of replenishing our natural world and fostering a deep connection with the environment.


Titles Included:

Dancing Bear

Dorje’s Stripes

Vatsala Loves Snakes

Waiting For Turtles

Paro of the Sundarbans

Koel Wants a Nest

Tracing Roots

Why the Sea is Salty

Lights Out

An Elephant in My Backyard