Thea’s Tree


Synopsis: What Thea wants more than anything in the world is a tree – a real tree to climb and hide in, to sit under and dream. But in the city where she lives, there are no trees. So one day, Thea goes in search of a tree. This elemental story is written and illustrated by Judith Clay.

Age Group: 7 to 9 Ι Author: Judith Clay Ι  Illustrator: Judith Clay Ι No. of Pages: 24 Ι Type: Picture Book | Format: Hardbound

  • This book was listed in The White Ravens 2012 catalog of notable and remarkable international children’s books, published by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek (International Youth Library) in Munich.


SKU: TT Category: ISBN: 978-81-8190-297-9.

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