Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip


Synopsis: Farmer Falgu has had enough of his noisy farm! He needs a break and he’s off on a holiday. Craving some quiet, he gets on his cart and goes looking for silence. Does he find it? Chitra Soundar writes this remarkable story with a quiet wisdom that resonates with youngsters and adults alike. Her story is joyously complemented by Kanika Nair’s unusual, striking illustrations.

Age Group: 7  to 9  Ι Author: Chitra Soundar Ι  Illustrator: Kanika Nair | No. of Pages: 28 Ι Type: Picture Book Ι Format: Paperback

Farmer Falgu goes on a trip was shortlisted for The Hindu Young World Goodbooks Award in the Best Story category in 2016.

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