The Mountains of Mumbai (Paperback)


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Doma has come all the way from Ladakh to visit her friend Veda in Mumbai. While Doma loves the sights and sounds of the big city, she longs for the mountains of Ladakh. Imagine her surprise when Veda reveals that there are mountains in Mumbai too! Author Labanya Ghosh takes you on an unforgettable tour of Mumbai, and illustrator Pallavi Jain’s watercolours bring alive this beloved, bustling coastal city.

Winner of the Neev Book Award, 2020

Product Details

Age Group: 4 to 6 Years
Author: Labanya Ghosh
Illustrator: Pallavi Jain
No.of pages: 40
Type: Picture Book
Format: Paperback
Categories: , ISBN: 978-81-9365-429-3.




Reviews for Mountains of Mumbai:

“Woven together with words that tell of a fine friendship, this book beautifully captures the hustle and bustle of Mumbai in gorgeous watercolour sketches as the girls travel across the city engrossed in their conversation. It is a lovely introduction to India’s first planned metropolis for its youngest residents.”– Rishad Saam Mehta, author

“The Mountains of Mumbai is a charming, vivid romp through India’s largest city. It shows that no matter how different we seem to be, we actually have a lot in common – if only we have the imagination to see it that way.” – Naresh Fernandes, Editor,

“Climb every mountain, whether it’s in Mumbai or Ladakh, what does it matter? If you look with the eyes of love, you will see beauty. The Mountains of Mumbai teaches us to look again at our city and at our world.” – Jerry Pinto, author

“The size of the book, in landscape format, is unusual, attractive and immediately catches the eye…The Mountains of Mumbai is a visual treat and the illustrations do justice to its extra-long landscape size. From the initial spreads, where the two friends walk on the pavement and visit a market the sights of Mumbai are brought alive through bold watercolour. One particular favourite is a bird’s eye view double spread of a busy city road, flanked by buildings on both sides.” – Parag Reads

“Jain’s watercolor paintings are vivid and detailed, reveling in the bustle of the city…Veda and Doma’s journey is punctuated with recognizable landmarks (e.g., the Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge), making this an excellent book for the armchair traveler as well. Readers who’ve never been to Mumbai will want to visit while those who love it will smile.” – Kirkus Review 

Winner, Neev Book Award, 2020.
“This warm and spectacularly illustrated picture book speaks to the themes of belonging, friendship, and optimism. The reader journeys through the city with two friends who connect the dots showing India’s diversity as well as perspective on a home away from home.” – Neev Book Award Jury, 2020 

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