Waiting for Turtles (Hindi)


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Samrat is giddy with excitement. He and his mother Seema, a sea turtle researcher, are headed to Tarmugli Island in the hopes of observing nesting turtles. On a quiet, empty beach, under a blanket of stars, they wait. Will the turtles come?

Pankaj Sekhsaria’s beautiful story is an awe-inspiring look at these elusive creatures, while Vipin Sketchplore’s stunning illustrations exquisitely capture the lush landscape of the island and the glistening waters of the ocean.

Product Details

Age Group: 6+ Years
Author: Pankaj Sekhsaria
Illustrator: Vipin Sketchplore
Translator: Nitin Sawant
Language: Hindi
No. of pages: 36
Format: Picture Book

Binding: Paperback

Categories: , ISBN: 9788181901668.


Reviews for Waiting for Turtles: 

“The book beautifully captures Samrat’s excitement about the magic of turtle nesting and will inspire children to think of studying and working in this field of science. The illustrations on every page take you to the shores of Tarmugli Island, where you can almost see the stars and feel the breeze. This is experiencing nature vicariously – a must-read for every child!” – Radhika Suri, Director, Environment Education, WWF-India

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