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Cool School Kids Collection – 7 to 9 Years (Sion’s Misfortune, Sadiq Wants to stitch, Tangle of Brungles, Case of the Stolen Smells, Thukpa for All, The Fox and the Crow, Tak-Tak, The Boy who Drew Cats)

With beautifully hand-drawn, spellbinding books designed to make reading a visual experience for independent young readers, this collection has interesting subjects such as gender, folktales adaptations, humour, mystery and more. For kids aged 7-9, these books are great way to introduce them to a diverse range of stories and genres from all over the world! With stories from China, Japan, Kashmir, and Ladakh, watch your young one wade through tales of interesting new cultures and ideas as these books entertain and educate.

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Cool School Kids Collection includes:

1. Sion’s Misfortune: 

Sion is a fortune-teller who lives in an ancient Chinese kingdom with his son and a beloved horse. When he begins to experience a series of unlucky events, he shocks everyone in town by saying that it is a sign of good things to come. Will Sion lose his reputation for being the wisest man in the kingdom, for how could misfortune ever be a blessing? This profound folktale from China (and translated from Chinese) is beautifully adapted by Chen Jiafei and illustrated by award-winning artist Wang Ran.

2. Sadiq Wants to Stitch:

Sadiq loves stitching colourful patterns on rugs. However, his Ammi reminds him that boys in his community don’t stitch, they tend to the livestock. But Sadiq is determined to pursue his passion.This winsome tale that defies gender norms and talks about a fading shepherd craft of Kashmir, is beautifully written by Mamta Nainy, and illustrated through watercolour vistas by renowned artist Niloufer Wadia.

3. A Tangle of Brungles:

To conjure up the charming Mr. Brungle, a coven of witches stir up the Great Brungle Brew. For this they toss in a lounge of lizards and a mischief of mice and a quiver of cobras among many others. Do they succeed? The book is a hilarious twist on collective nouns.

4. Case of the Stolen Smells:

Raju has a humble lunch every day. One day, he discovers the delicious smell of yummy bajjis coming from Babu’s stall. He soon starts to have the most wonderful lunch – purely in the form of smells! But when Babu figures out what he is doing, he demands payment for these smells. How will Raju manage to pay for smells? A feast for the senses, this book by Pankaja Srinivasan is illustrated by Satwik Gade.

5.Thukpa for All:

Tsering can’t wait to taste his grandmother’s delicious noodle soup. He invites a string of friends and neighbours home. But as preparations get underway, there is a power cut and the house is plunged into darkness. Will Abi be able to put together the much-anticipated thukpa? Told from a blind child’s perspective, this tale by Praba Ram and Sheela Preuitt is accompanied by Shilpa Ranade’s stunning illustrations.

6.The Fox and the Crow:

In this timeless Aesop’s fable, a fox and a crow vie for a piece of bread. This breathtakingly beautiful picture book adapted by Manasi Subramaniam with dark humor is an exploration of this tale. The artist Culpeo S. Fox makes each page stand alone like a brilliant painting; when the pages come together, they tell us the story like never before.


Where did that noise come from? Did you hear it? Is it a ghost? Well, once a young man heard this noise everywhere and he thought it was a ghost… until he found out what the noise really was – and it was not what he expected at all! Read this story so that you too can find out!

8.The Boy Who Drew Cats

Akiro draws only cats… cats, cats and more cats! No matter what he is asked to do, he simply draws cats! And this artistic tendency leads him to an adventure one day – an adventure that will change his life. Go on a journey in this Japanese folktale retold by Anushka Ravishankar with intricate illustrations by Christine Kastl in water colours and ink on rice paper.