The Tiny Seed


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Synopsis:What happens to little flower seeds in autumn? A strong wind blows a group of seeds across the land. One by one, many of the seeds get lost; some are burned by the sun, some fall into the ocean and some are eaten by a bird. As the seasons change, only a few seeds survive the long winter, and when spiring finally arrives, the seeds that have survived sprout into plants. But there are new dangers for these plants… and finally, only the tiniest seed remains, growing into a gaint flower. And when autumn returns, it sends its own seeds into the wind and the process starts all over again!
Eric Carle’s eloquent text and brilliant collages turn the simple life cycle of a plant into an exciting story, a nature lesson and an inspiring message about the importance of perseverance.

Age Group: 4 to 6 Ι Author: Eric Carle Ι Translation: Sushma Bakshi Ι  Illustrator: Eric Carle Ι  Language: Bilingual – Hindi & English Ι No. of Pages: 34  Ι Type: Picture Book Ι Format: Paperback

Categories: , ISBN: 978-81-8190-131-6.