Why the Sea is Salty

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The village of Makkal has a problem. Their neighbour is a formidable giant whose thundering footsteps and booming voice has them quaking in their homes.

But one day, when a fierce storm threatens to take a boy away to sea, the villagers find an unexpected friend in the giant. He even helps them with their greatest woe – collecting salt from across the sea!

Inspired by a folktale from the Philippines, Daya Subramanian’s warm narrative and Tanaya Vyas’ serene illustrations weave an empathetic tale of friendship and wonder in Why the Sea is Salty.

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Age Group: 6+ Years
Author: Daya Subramanian
Illustrator: Tanaya Vyas
No. of pages: 36
Format: Picture Book

Binding: Paperback

Category: Tags: , , , ISBN: 978-93-91790-17-2.

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