A Sacred Life


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Synopsis: I describe myself as a simple Buddhist monk. No more, no less.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Based on the writings of The XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet, A Sacred Life traces the journey of this humble leader from the time he left his home as a child through his escape from Tibet to the winning of the Nobel Prize in 1989. This Charkha audiobook, with its divine soundtrack and narrative, reveals the compassion and optimism of this great emissary of peace.

Through the compelling voices of Rajiv Mehrotra and Shernaz Patel, the listener accompanies the Dalai Lama on his quest for peace and achieving universal responsibility.

The gentle Buddhist chants and the background score by 3 Brothers & A Violin, lifts, lilts and enhances the experience of this remarkable story.

Age Group: 14  and above Ι Author: Rajiv Mehrotra Ι Narrators: Rajiv Mehrotra and Shernaz Patel Ι Illustrator: Aditi Manavalan Ι Music: 3 Brothers & A Violin Ι No. of Pages: 80  Ι Run Time: 1:7:21 Ι Items Included: Book & USB Drive Ι Type: Audio Book


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