Hiss Don’t Bite / Curly Tale


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Hiss, Don’t Bite: The children of a village in Bengal take the cows to graze in a forest. They like going to the forest especially for its beautiful banyan tree. They climb it, swing from it, play in its shade . . . they love it. A bad tempered snake lives under the banyan tree. One day it bites a cow and the children are afraid. The snake too is unhappy until he learns the secret of life from a wandering monk. The charming, evocative drawings are adapted from the Kalighat style of painting popular in Bengal. They have strong brush lines filled in with watercolour.
A Curly Tale: Cobbler Kalia makes beautiful shoes, but he is poor. A ghost helps him become rich, but this ghost must be kept busy or he will eat up Kalia.

Age Group: 4 to 6  Ι Author: Vayu Naidu Ι Narrator: Usha Uthup Ι Illustrator: Mugdha Shah Ι Music: 3 Brothers & A Violin Ι Items Included: 2 Books and CD Ι Type: Audio Book | Sample audio to be added

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