Raja Kapi


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Synopsis: After tasting a delicious mango, the king of Benares arrives at the monkey kingdom in search of the fruit. Can Kapi, the monkey king, find a way to protect his subjects? This timeless Jataka tale, a page from the life of the Bodhisattva, is adapted in Hindi by Gulzar and illustrated in vivid hues by Chetan Sharma and Sameer Tendulkar. It is set to music by 3 Brothers & A Violin.

Product Details

Age Group:7 to 9
Author: Gulzar
Narrator: Gulzar
Illustrator: Chetan Sharma, Sameer Tendulkar
Music: 3 Brothers and A Violin
No. of Pages: 24 pages
Run Time: 38:22
Items Included: Book and CD
Type: Audio book
Categories: , ISBN: 978-81-86838-91-4.

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