A Clowder of Cats – the complete cat collection


The complete set of Karadi Tales books featuring our favourite furry companions!
This collection includes a cat who believes she’s laid an egg, a stalemate between house cats and streets rats, a cat who mysteriously goes missing (as cats tend to do) and whose exploits unfold in the form of an accordion book, and a boy who draws cats and nothing but cats.
This pack makes for a perfect gift for any feline-obsessed child.

The titles in this pack are Cat’s Egg by Aparna Karthikeyan and Christine Kastl, Rats Bigger than Cats by Maegan Dobson Sippy and Adrija Ghosh, Cat, Come Back! by Lavanya Karthik, Ishaan Dasgupta, and Ayshe Sadr, and The Boy Who Drew Cats by Anushka Ravishankar and Christine Kastl.

Product Details

Age Group: 4 to 8
Authors: Various authors
Illustrator: Various illustrators
Type: picture book
Format: Paperback and Hardcover
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