Lost in Translation

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“Nobody understands me here, Amma… How do I explain what I am feeling?” Tears rolled down his cheeks, his nose running.
Giri’s parents are forced to leave their serene abode in Uttar Pradesh and migrate to a big city in search of work. By the time Giri adapts to the new place, they migrate again. He tries his best to keep up with the constantly changing surroundings – he finds kind friends and encouraging teachers along the way.
But will Giri ever be able to find a place he can call home again?
Jyoti Shinoli portrays the heart-rending story of a young boy whose life never ceases to be in flux – yet who rises against all adversities and discovers the most important lesson of all.

Product Details

Age Group: 10 to 15
Author: Jyoti Shinoli
No.of pages: 164
Type: Chapter Book

Binding: Paperback

Categories: , , ISBN: 978-93-91790-01-1.


The StORI (Stories of Rural India) series uses real stories from rural India, of disenfranchised people and communities, and the unique challenges they overcome every day, be it in infrastructure, health care, disability, or job security. They are stories of triumph – of children who participate cheerfully in civic issues, athletes who power past their disabilities, citizens who demand their right to be heard – and an attempt to give these voices a platform, as well as address the serious dearth of children’s books that are set in non-urban locations.