Do you love children’s books?
Do you enjoy meeting new people and talking to them about books?
Do you live in the US, on the East Coast?
If you answered yes to all these questions, write to us!
We’ve got a job for you.

Karadi Tales is looking for a part-time Publicist in the US to handle sales, marketing, publicity and promotion of our books on the East Coast. We are looking for a highly motivated person; someone who will ensure that our wonderful picture books reach the hands of the children in the United States.

The job involves:
1. Liaising with the marketing and sales departments of Consortium Book Sales & Distribution or any other party that the company may designate for marketing and publicity of Karadi Tales picture books in North America
2. Checking availability of products at retail stores and online stores
3. Managing placement of products at retail to maximise visibility and footfalls
4. Putting together events: organising venue, publicity, storytellers, press etc.
5. Liaisons with American Librarians Association (ALA) regarding availability of products across libraries in the USA
6. Managing publicity through press conferences, press releases and promotional materials
7. Sending out books for reviews in local journals and magazines
8. Managing rights and licensing of products to American publishers
9. Representing the products at book fairs and other events related to children’s literature and entertainment

If you are interested, send in your resumes to and we’ll get in touch with you.