Jamuna Begs to Differ!


“That’s all? You mean to tell me that school will now cost us money? Out of the question! You should stop these dreams now,” he said angrily.
No girl from Jamuna’s community had ever studied beyond Class 4. But she has other plans: she wants to go to college! As she grows, however, the possibility of being forced to drop out of school looms above her. Jamuna certainly has it in her to fight all odds, but will circumstances relent?
Priti David plots the tough journey of a young girl who can never be sure of her future, yet won’t give up.

Product Details

Age Group: 10 to 15
Author: Priti David
No.of pages: 92
Type: Chapter Book

Binding: Paperback

Categories: , , ISBN: 978-93-91790-11-0.


The StORI (Stories of Rural India) series uses real stories from rural India, of disenfranchised people and communities, and the unique challenges they overcome every day, be it in infrastructure, health care, disability, or job security. They are stories of triumph – of children who participate cheerfully in civic issues, athletes who power past their disabilities, citizens who demand their right to be heard – and an attempt to give these voices a platform, as well as address the serious dearth of children’s books that are set in non-urban locations.

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