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Children’s bond with their grandparents is very strong – even stronger than the one with their parents, don’t you think? Is it any surprise then that there are an astounding number of children’s books where grandparents steal the show?
We present to you our newest collection yet – the Grand Grandparents Collection! With four books that beautifully highlight some qualities unique to grandparents, this series is sure to make you appreciate them even more!

Dada’s Useless Present
Dada may be celebrating his 82nd birthday but he still considers himself spry, until a seemingly thoughtful gift from his son tells him otherwise.
Nalini Sorensen beautifully captures the spirit of aging grandparents who refuse to cede their independence. Charming watercolour illustrations by the hugely talented Allen Shaw enliven this buoyant tale.

Thatha’s Pumpkin
What do you do with a pumpkin that’s bigger than your head and barely fits on your table? Tia’s Thatha is very proud of his pumpkin, for he grew it all by himself, like magic! Now it’s Tia’s job to find homes for each little wedge from the oversized fruit, and quickly too!
Lalita Iyer’s words provide hilarious insights into the mind of an amateur gardener, while Proiti Roy’s exquisitely textured illustrations map the eventful journeys of each lovely slice.

Paati’s Rasam
Malli loved weekends with her Paati. But, one day, everything changed. And Malli’s world became dark and colourless. No more warm hugs, no more rasam, no more Paati. Can Malli find a piece of her beloved grandmother to hold on to?
In this gentle story of grief and loss, Janaki Sabesh and Dhwani Sabesh bring to the young reader the enduring love of those that have passed but never truly leave us. Pallavi Jain breathes life and colour into the illustrations storyboarded brilliantly by Vaijayanthi.

My Grandmother Can’t Cook!

Everyone’s grandmother seems to be a whiz when it comes to cooking. But all the dishes that Neil’s paati makes seem to have a common ingredient – disaster!

As Neil’s birthday approaches, Paati takes charge of the food department – GASP! What is she going to cook and how will it turn out?

Indu Balachandran’s hilarious narrative and Priya Kuriyan’s quirky visuals cook up a comical birthday party hosted by the only paati who cannot cook.

A Thousand Full Moons

In a few days, Nila’s great-grandmother, Muthassi, will have lived to have seen a thousand full moons. As her whole family prepares to celebrate, Muthassi has an accident. On the day of the full moon, she is in a small hospital room with no view of the night sky. But Nila is determined that Muthassi will see her thousandth full moon, even if she needs to take the moon to her.

Will she succeed?

Illustrated in intricate, hand-done papercut art by Keerthana Ramesh, this gentle story by Shobha Viswanath is a celebration of family.

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Age Group: 6 to 9
Authors: Various authors
Illustrator: Various illustrators
Type: Picture Book
Format: Paperback and Hardcover
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